Tea technology

High quality raw materials

The Chinese word "茶" is taken apart from the "people in the middle of grass and wood", reflecting the harmony between man and nature, and the idea of "harmony between man and nature". YuntaiWuhan has more than 5,000 acres of natural wild tea mountain, close to the national nature reserve - Liubuxi original secondary forest, with an average elevation of 800-1000 meters, grouped with green jade, and rich in mineral elements such as selenium and zinc. The unique natural environment, such as the hailstone rock formations hundreds of millions of years ago, gave birth to an extremely rare original excellent line, Anhua Yuntaishan Big Leaf Tea, which provides a high-quality raw material source for YuntaiWuhan wild dark tea category.

Traditional craft

Based on the natural raw materials that have been nurtured by nature, through the traditional techniques, carefully developed into healthy tea products, and counter-feeding tea people, this is the best embodiment of the idea of "To make use of the world". Yuntai Wuhan Dark Tea is hand-built, with 23 steps and 80 procedures. After 49 days of natural fermentation, it is a good tea. The standard of good tea, in addition to the bright color of the soup, the fragrant tea, and the unique flavor, is more important to people and has unique effects. And Anhua dark tea is just like this.

Food certification

Chinese traditional scientific and technological thinking regards good as the highest value criterion for the development. "Aim at absolute perfection" is a kind of grasp of the "degree" of scientific and technological development. Anhua dark tea takes nature, abandons pesticides and fertilizers, and grows wildly during its tenure. Through the process of hand-made tea and natural fermentation, it retains the natural flavor of tea and brings unique health effects to people. It has left a pollution-free and sustainable feedback to society and nature.

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